KidsWorld Crew

How do I join the KidsWorld Crew?

The KidsWorld staff believes there is truly a place for everyone in KidsWorld. Regardless of your gifts, talents, or schedule, there’s a place for you and we’d love to have you join the crew!  Believe it or not, the KidsWorld Crew is active throughout the entire week, not just on a Sunday morning. Here’s how you can join the “Family Ministry Movement” in KidsWorld!

Step 1: Choose an area to serve!

Take some time to review and pray over the area in which you’d like to serve. A list of current KidsWorld Crew positions is a available at the KidsWorld Information Center for you to take home and review. 

Step 2: Apply!

Once you are ready to begin serving, complete the online KidsWorld Volunteer Crew Application.

Step 3: Attend KidsWorld 101!

KidsWorld 101 is offered on the 3rd Sunday of every month during 2nd service.  During this course, we look through some of the KidsWorld Crew Manual together and really dive into what KidsWorld is all about. You will learn more about the specific area in which you have interest in serving as well as get your picture taken for your official KidsWorld Crew name tag!

Step 4: Shadow Serve!

Upon completion of KidsWorld 101 a KidsWorld Coordinator will connect with you on setting up a time for you to “shadow serve”.  This is a time for you to shadow a current KidsWorld Crew member in the area you will be serving.  You will sit and soak in the atmosphere of KidsWorld and watch firsthand how a service typically runs.

Step 5: Join The Team!

The KidsWorld Coordinator who oversees your serving area of interest will contact you via phone or e-mail regarding the details of your serving team and when you will begin serving.  Welcome to the Crew!