Mission Trip Application

International Compassion Committee

Mission Trip Application

I heard the voice of the Lord, saying,
Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?
Then said I, Here am I; send me.” Isaiah 6:8

Greetings from the River Oaks International Compassion Committee! We are incredibly grateful that you are considering joining us on a short-term ministry adventure! God has called this ministry to accomplish mighty things! It is oftentimes because of those that the Lord sends through short-term teams that these miracles occur. Through one of our trips to Haiti or the Island Nation, you will indeed serve on a cross-cultural mission field. Already, our team is praying for you; exactly who the Lord would call, the experiences you will have, and the impact God will orchestrate in and through you.

Contained within this application is not only information we need from you, but some helpful answers to commonly asked questions regarding our mission trips! Located at the beginning of the application is a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page. We hope that your initial questions will be addressed on this one page. The remaining pages of the application are what we need you to fill out and turn in to the church office. We are honestly humbled by the sacrifices others make to serve the least of these, and want your trip to be filled with great memories!

We are excited about the possibility of you joining us to serve on one of our trips this year! Those of you who are interested in taking a child or grandchild along on a trip, we would encourage you to contact us as there may be specific trips that are geared towards a more child friendly experience. After reviewing your application, one of our committee members may contact you to ask a few follow up questions or to simply see if you have any questions.

If selected to serve on one of the mission trips, there will be pre-trip meetings and post trip meetings to help you prepare for, plan for, and process your experiences upon your return. We can’t stress enough how vital attending pre-trip meetings with your team will be. Those pre-trip meetings will be critical as your team becomes a unified body prior to your departure. During these meetings, we will also give you an overview of what is expected and what to expect.

Again, thank you! We praise God for the workers that He sends, and pray that He will lead you this year! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Tara Judd
ICC Chair

Frequently Asked Questions

What ministries does River Oaks serve through international missions?

River Oaks currently supports missions in the Island Nation and Haiti.

How does River Oaks and the International Compassion Committee determine what organizations to support?

River Oaks has developed a “Philosophy for Cross-Cultural Missions.” We believe that as part of the Church, we must extend our missionary efforts beyond our own local area and beyond our own culture to the people of the world (Matthew 28:19-20 and Acts 1:8) and that River Oaks should be involved in some way in cross-cultural missions.

Because a large part of our DNA is to go the lost, grow in our faith, and show compassion to the poor, we work with cross-cultural churches and mission agencies focused on evangelism, discipleship, and assisting the poor. We want to develop a culture of participation; therefore we focus on missions that allow us to send our people on regular short-term mission trips.

What do you do on your trips?

While the projects or activities you may work on during a trip may vary, each trip focuses on sharing God’s Love and Word with the “least of these.”

How much does it cost to go on a short-term missions trip?

Most trips will range from $1000-$1500 depending on location.

Will we do any fundraisers to raise support to help pay for my trip?

Generally, we will not organize any fundraisers to help raise support for people individually, but may periodically have a fundraiser to help raise funds for a specific team project. Participants may send out support letters to friends or family members to raise funds if necessary. However, we do not permit individuals to send out mass support letters to the whole church body.

Can children go on missions trips?

There are specific mission trips in which the activities tend to be more “child friendly.” We require one parent/guardian to accompany the child on a trip. River Oaks junior high and senior high youth ministries do organize mission trips for students to participate. If you have further questions regarding a child participating on a trip, please contact the church office or Matt Stemm.

What do you suggest we do to help create the most positive short-term ministry experience?

  1. Above all, we ask that you would pray regularly and often about your possible trip and gather others within the church to pray for you as well.
  2. We also strongly recommend that each person take responsibility for at least a portion of the cost of their trip, so that they feel more ownership in the process.
  3. Team members will be required to attend all pre-field meetings so that vital information is shared by all and the team’s unity can be created.

What do I do if I am interested in helping the committee by volunteering or offering financial support?

Many people have a passion for helping the “least of these,” but can’t participate on trip themselves due to health reasons or time. We often find that volunteering or offering others financial support gives you the opportunity to still be a part of a trip. If you are interested, please contact the church office to receive further information on how to help!

Mission Trip Application

Your application is not complete until you have completed the Personal Info Form, Participant Questionnaire, Waivers/Code of Conduct/Consent Forms, and given a copy of your passport to church office.