Christmas Project 2017 – Evangelism Goal

Local Evangelism:

$55,000 for ROCC Park Ministry and Development

In an effort to continue to be a blessing to our community, we will keep developing the Park through improvements and additional equipment to allow our neighbors to use the ROCC park in numerous ways. The Park Committee will also plan to host outreach events throughout the year to provide a venue for attenders to invite their un-churched friends and family. A new video security system will also be installed for the park.

$25,000 for SpringHill Day Camp Scholarships (

This June, River Oaks will once again host SpringHill Day Camp. These funds will help provide 100+ full and partial scholarships and other camp expenses for children from River Oaks and the surrounding community, who would otherwise not be able to attend.

At SpringHill’s Summer Day Camp kids get five full days of SpringHill fun right in their hometown. This will be one week out of the summer they will never forget. From the Climbing Wall to the Flying Squirrel or Six Square to wild water games or stretching their creativity through cool crafts – they’ll have more fun than they can imagine. Not only will campers have a blast, they’ll make great friends and learn a few things about God and themselves.

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Thank you for your participation in this year’s Christmas Project!

May you be blessed as much as you are a blessing to others who need assistance, not only in matters of this life, but in living with God in the next!

All donations over the goal will go towards the start-up
costs for the River District Campus.

Gifts will be accepted through January 15, 2018.