Trail of Tears

Trail of Tears

Our faith journey, like a long road trip, it has many enjoyable features to it and the destination is sure worth it, but it is sure to have some unpleasant moments as well. Some of them may even make us cry. Jeremiah was an Old Testament prophet who wrote a book called, “Lamentations”. Jeremiah is known as ‘the weeping prophet’ and Lamentations has been called, “the book of tears”. In this message you will find out why, as well as find hope in the midst of tears.


Tim Rowland
Senior Pastor - x112 - E-Mail Tim

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  1. Treva Woods 5 months ago

    Great sermons. You’re the best. love your deliberate way of speaking. It helps us think seriously. I always look forward to your sermons. God bless you in your work.

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