I Should Forgive

I Should Forgive

I should forgive. At a young age we were told by our parents that we need to forgive others, for no other reason than “because I said so”. Is that something that is only true for when we’re young, or does it apply into adolescence and adulthood? The challenge is, that as we get older, the offenses get bigger and the wounds get deeper. It becomes harder to forgive, but doesn’t change that we are still called to forgive because Christ first forgave us.

Not covered in our conversation on Sunday was what forgiveness actually looks like (or doesn’t look like). Here’s a helpful article from Focus on the Family to continue our conversation!

Praying for you as you pay the forgiveness Jesus Christ offered you forward to a world that so desperately needs it.


Message Title: I Should Forgive
Message Date: February 26, 2017
Speaker: Drew Richey

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