Keep it Simple: Family

Keep it Simple: Family

We closed our Keep it Simple series by talking about family and our legacy.

How do we create “simple” in our family? It’s the most important relationship we have in this world. They’re the people we spend the most time with on earth. These are the people who know us better than anyone else. They are the ones that always see our “true colors”. All that to say, family is…and can be…wonderful. Messy. Complicated. Confusing. Challenging. Uncomfortable. Discouraging. Painful. Chaotic.

More importantly, your family is your legacy. After you are gone, no one will remember what you’ve done, but they will remember who you’ve impacted.

Have a great week!
Dustin K.

Message Title: Keep It Simple: Family
Message Date: January 29, 2017
Speaker: Dustin Kaehr

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