Keep it Simple: Money

Keep it Simple: Money

This week we continued our series, Keep it Simple. If you missed the opening of this series, make sure you watch the first 10 minutes of last week. It will give this week’s talk more context and give a better understanding of where we’re heading.

This week we talked about how to “keep it simple” with our money. At the heart of managing our finances, with the priorities of God in mind, is a budget. Giving. Saving. Spending. In that order. Make sure you participate by writing a commitment statement down to help give focus to how you can help align your finances with the priorities of God.

Here are some really helpful tools to help you create and manage a budget:


Every Dollar

Crown Financial Ministries

The Envelope Method

If you need help getting control of you finances, we would love to help connect you with a financial counselor who can equip you and give you the resources you need to “Keep it Simple” with your money.


Message Title: Keep It Simple: Money
Message Date: January 8, 2017
Speaker: Drew Richey

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