My name is Prince of Peace

My name is Prince of Peace

This Sunday we continued our conversation about the names of Jesus. In Isaiah 9:6 the prophet Isaiah gives Jesus the name “Prince of Peace”. In context, the peace that Isaiah was referring to was a world-wide peace that will happen sometime in the future when Jesus returns to earth to rule (see Isaiah 9:7). However, Jesus offers his followers peace now; peace of mind and heart. In John 14:27 he said, “I am leaving you with a gift – peace of mind and heart. And the peace that I give is a gift the world cannot give.”

This message will serve as a reminder that Jesus will replace our worries and fears with his peace; a peace that passes all understanding.

Merry Christmas!


Message Title: My Name Is Prince of Peace
Message Date: December 18, 2016
Speaker: Tim Rowland

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