God and Country

God and Country


In this fourth week of our series Politically Correct, we spent some time looking at the  most politically charged story in the whole Bible: the story of Daniel. Looking at this popular “Sunday school” story we quickly discover that many of the things talked about in this series are within the pages of Daniel. There is evidence of God’s sovereignty, Daniel’s honor and respect for the king, and Daniel’s dedication to prayer. I’d encourage you to read through the first 6 chapters of Daniel on your own this week!

However, we didn’t stop there. We wrestled with the question of whether we’re more concerned with the advancement of our nation or of God’s Kingdom. Often time those two things get grouped together, but looking at the global church, it’s easy to see that’s not the case.

Thanks for reviewing this week with me. My prayer is that this video would help you study God’s Word better and evaluate your heart!

Have a great week!



Message Title: God and Country
Message Date: October 9, 2016
Speaker: Drew Richey

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