The Way of Jesus (WWJD)

The Way of Jesus (WWJD)


This week we continued our conversation about evangelism, or GOing to the Lost. We looked at how Jesus went…and saw that He really went (3,100 miles walked in 3 years)! We GO because the stakes are so high and everyone spends eternity somewhere.

We were reminded that when we go we need to be ready to:

Know your faith.
Share your story.

We were introduced to the 15,000 people who live within 10 miles of River Oaks that don’t know Jesus. They are neighbors, friends, co-workers, etc.

Don’t forget… Party in the Park is a great event to invite people to.

To help us get comfortable sharing our own story and faith, we will be launching Starting Point. If you don’t have a group, check out one of our “open” groups and join in! We need to be a people comfortable sharing our faith, having conversations about God, and talking about our story!

Message Title: Participating in Evangelism: Part 3
Message Date: August 28, 2016
Speaker: Dustin Kaehr

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