Participating in Evangelism: Part 2

Participating in Evangelism: Part 2


This week we continued our conversation about evangelism, or GOING to the Lost. As followers of Jesus we have all been given the secret to eternal life: the story of Jesus called the Gospel. This is a secret not just for a great life, but for eternal life. As followers of Jesus we have two primary motivations for sharing the Gospel with our friends:

  1. We GO because we love.
  2. We GO because the stakes are so high.

The reality is all of us will spend eternity somewhere. As followers of Jesus we should be compelled to do everything we can to make sure none of our loved ones spend eternity apart from God.

A really easy way to help your loved ones take a step toward Jesus is by inviting them to Party in the Park. We would love to see you and all your friends there!

Message Title: Participating in Evangelism: Part 2
Message Date: August 21, 2016
Speaker: Drew Richey

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