Vine Living

As we continue with our “Just Jesus” series, I have chosen my favorite Jesus story from the Gospels the passage from John 15:1-8. Within this passage, Jesus helps us understand the role of God (as the gardner), the power of Christ (as the True vine) and our challenge to stay connected (as the branches). Jesus knew his time with the disciples on the earth was limited, so he wanted to be certain that the disciples (and also future believers) understood where  power, wisdom and strength for our lives would come.

I hope that you too can be encouraged by this passage with the reminders:

  1. God is active in our lives;
  2. Christ is our source of fruitful living;
  3. We have the privilege to pursue and to abide in Christ!

Have a great week!

Scott Tilley

If you are interested in learning more about the subject of Christ as the True Vine, you may want to check out an older book by Bruce Wilkinson called “Secrets of the Vine”. It’s a quick read with some great illustration through story of how God works in our lives. Check it out on Amazon.

Message Title: Vine Living
Message Date: May 13, 2016
Speaker: Scott Tilley

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