God’s Amazing Grace to Us

God’s Amazing Grace to Us

This message is the first in a 5-part series on grace; the grace God offers to us and the grace we offer to others. It is not possible to overstate the impact of grace, both on this life and the next. We absolutely need God’s grace to experience eternal life and we need to express grace to others in this life to avoid harmful and destructive behaviors toward ourselves and others.

This week’s message focuses on God’s amazing, astonishing, shocking stunning grace that he offers through Jesus’ death on the cross for us.

Throughout this series we want to encourage you to share with us your story of grace; your conversion story, a story of you offering forgiveness or acceptance to someone else or even how you shared the message of God’s grace with another person. Just share your written story here or, if you prefer, send us a video of you telling it.

Grace to you!



Message Title: God’s Amazing Grace to Us
Message Date: January 3, 2016
Speaker: Tim Rowland

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