Spotting a fake

Spotting a fake

To spot a fake, spend time with the real thing.

This was the big takeaway from Week 3 of our series Dear Church, as we looked at the letter written to the church in Pergamum (Revelation 2:12-17). If we are ever going to be able to recognize false teaching, we have to know the Truth.

Here are the Doctrinal statements I mentioned:


Here are some great resources for you as you begin to read the Bible and truly understand the Truth:

  1. The Top 100 Questions: Biblical Answers to Popular Questions — A $2.99 eBook that is great resource with concise answers, and is easy to understand.
  2. Study Bibles — Pick the translation you like; Go to the store and look through them to see which one you like best. A little over a year ago, I switched from the NIV Life Application to the ESV Study Bible, and I really like it.
  3. — A great resource and starting point anytime you want to learn a bit more about a topic or passage of scripture.
  4. Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry (– Another website to bookmark. You can explore anything related to your faith, other religions, etc.
  5. eSword — You can use their website, or download their program to your computer. Multiple Bible versions, built-in commentaries, and word studies all make this a great resource.
  6. Apps — If you have a smart phone, here are two apps I use all the time:
    1. Youversion Bible
    2. Strong’s Concordance App (on Apple or Android)

If I can help you in anyway as you strive to read the Word to understand, applyand connect, please reach out to me!

Have a great week.

Message Title: Spotting a Fake
Message Date: November 1, 2015
Speaker: Dustin Kaehr

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