The Current Design

The Current Design

This is the first of three messages on the Scripture’s teachings regarding marriage and the family. In this message I compare God’s original design of marriage with current design, specifically gay marriage.

I recommend the following articles and books for a more in-depth study of how Christ-followers can both defend the original design and respond to the LGBT community with Christ’s love.

Evangelical Free Church of America: Statement on human sexuality

Recommended books:

Compassion without Compromise

Welcoming But Not Affirming

No Perfect People Allowed (chapter 8: “How Do You Feel About Gays?”)

Strike the Original Match (chapter 9: “Divorce: When It All Comes Tumbling Down”)

On the web: “9 Responses to the Supreme Court, Same Sex Marriage, and Christians



Message Title: The Current Design
Message Date: August 16, 2015
Speaker: Tim Rowland

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