All In: Part 1 Compassion

All In: Part 1 Compassion

This week we continued our  series called “Incomplete Without You”. The big idea of the series is that “we are more FULFILLED and the church is more COMPLETE when we truly become all that God has designed us to be”. In order for that to happen we have to figure out how God has designed us.

The last couple of weeks we’ve looked at spiritual gifts, passions, abilities, personality and experiences. Remember, we would love for you to take the  Spiritual Gifts Assessmentand begin praying how you can use your gifts to serve others. We are only about halfway to our goal of 400 participants with only a week to go!

This week, we looked at a ministry area where we all should be involved: showing compassion to the ‘least of these’.

Jesus was clear in his teaching in Matthew 25:31-46 that we would all be held accountable at the final judgment for how we treated the poor, the disadvantaged and the marginalized.

This message not only emphasizes that challenge, but gives you motivation to do so and plenty of places to get involved in compassion ministries at River Oaks!



Message Title: All In: Part 1 Compassion
Message Date: August 2, 2015
Speaker: Tim Rowland

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