This week we continued our  series called “Incomplete Without You”. The big idea of the series is that “we are more FULFILLED and the church is more COMPLETE when we truly become all that God has designed us to be”. In order for that to happen we have to figure out how God has designed us.

Last week, we looked at using our Spiritual Gifts to serve and grow in our faith. Remember, we would love for you to take the  Spiritual Gifts Assessmentand begin praying how you can use your gifts to serve others.

This week, I asked an important question that all followers of Jesus need to answer:

What breaks your heart?

In the answer, you find your passion. Using your passion and your abilities to impact the world for the Kingdom of Christ is paramount to your faith journey.

If you need some ideas as to where you can use your Gifts, passions, and abilities, fill out the updated Serving Opportunities form. Once completed we will be in touch about getting you plugged in!

Have a great week!


Message Title: Broken
Message Date: July 19, 2015
Speaker: Dustin Kaehr

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Dustin Kaehr
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