Where is God in the Mess?

Where is God in the Mess?

Today we continued our series “From Beginning to End”, a series exploring four mega-questions about the human species:

  1. Where did we come from?
  2. How did we create such a mess?
  3. Where is God in all this mess?
  4. Where are we going?

This message is on the third of those questions.

The ‘mess’ refers to the effects of the fall of mankind into sin in Genesis 3. This sermon explores the role God is playing as the world struggles with the aftermath of the entrance of sin into the world. The Christian world view affirms that God is completely involved and, in fact, is present everywhere in the world. Some of his primary roles are to comfort and provide for His children, limit the onslaught of evil and wait patiently for those who have not yet chosen to follow him, to do so.

Message Title: Where is God in the Mess?
Message Date: May 24, 2015
Speaker: Tim Rowland


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