A Person, Not a Path

A Person, Not a Path

Sunday we celebrated as 13 people were baptized. What a great time to hear stories of how Jesus has captured their heart and how they wanted to share with the world their decision to make Him their Savior.

Together, we then celebrated Communion.

It was in the context of those two acts we looked at another of Jesus’ closing remarks in John 14. The idea Jesus wanted to share with us is He is the Way (John 14:6) to a relationship with God. It is not the process or the path…but the person of Jesus.

It is in Him alone that our Faith should rest. The act of baptism is because of Him. Being dunked in water is not significant, but doing it as an act of His calling is.

There is no meaning in the crackers/bread or juice/wine of Communion. It is to be done in “remembrance of me,” (Luke 22:19). It is not in remembrance of all He taught, it is remembrance in His actions on the cross.

It is in Him and Him alone that we find the Grace of God.

I pray this week as we prepare for Easter, you will spend time remembering the person of Jesus and what He means to and did for you!

Hope to see you Easter Sunday!


Message Title: A Person, Not a Path
Series: Closing Remarks
Message Date: March 29, 2015
Speaker: Dustin Kaehr





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