The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit

As someone’s life draws to a close their words often seem more significant and memorable. This was no different for Jesus as he gave his Closing Remarks to his disciples in the Upper Room the night before he was crucified.

Part of Jesus’ Closing Remarks to his disciples was a promise to send the Holy Spirit to them. In fact, Jesus actually said, “It is best for you that I go away…” (John 16:7) because then the Holy Spirit will come. How could anything be better than having Jesus Christ, God incarnate with you? While this idea doesn’t make sense, when we look at the difference the Holy Spirit made in the lives of the disciples, especially Peter, we can see that Jesus knew what he was talking about. The Holy Spirit is the perfect substitute for Jesus Christ.

As we prepare our hearts and minds for Easter, would you join me in daily welcoming the presence of the Holy Spirit into our lives? Just as we saw with the disciples, our lives will look radically different if we do.

For those looking for more info on the Holy Spirit and the role he plays in your life, check out this blog by Frank Viola.

Easter Reading Plan

Week #1 (Intro/Holy Spirit)

  • John 13:1-20
  • John 13:21-38
  • John 14:1-14

Look for ways to extend compassion to the needy in some practical way this week.

Message Title: Closing Remarks
Series: Holy Spirit
Message Date: March 1, 2015
Speaker: Drew Richey



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