The Church Discriminates

The Church Discriminates

Throughout the Bible followers of Jesus are called to love other people with genuine affection (Romans 12:10) and to consider them as better than ourselves (Phil. 2:3). Unfortunately many groups of people have been discriminated against by the Church or Christians in some way, shape, or form.

In this message we’ll talk about some of these groups and see that this was also an issue for the earliest churches. Ultimately they admitted their wrong and sought to choose love as their orientation.

Below you will find several links to books and resources that were mentioned as a part of the message.

Race and Americans’ Social Networks by the Public Religion Research Institute

Love Is an Orientation by Andrew Marin

They Like Jesus But Not The Church by Dan Kimball

God’s Global Mosaic by Paul-Gordon Chandler

What’s So Amazing About Grace? by Philip Yancey

– Tommy Morelock

Message Title: The Church Discriminates
Series: When Good Churches Go Bad
Message Date: February 22, 2015
Speaker: Tommy Morelock



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