God is…King!

God is…King!

When the wise men arrived at the place where Jesus was, they did the appropriate thing to do in the presence of a king, they bowed down in worship. This Christmas season, make time to bow before Jesus.

Perhaps you would do what is very un-natural, and that is, to find a quiet private place and literally get on your knees before your King and submit your life, your family, your money, your health and your 2015 to him.

Maybe you would stand before him in awe as you reflect on his power and creativity in nature. Go to hubblesite.org and be amazed at the creativity of God in the universe. Maybe you could take a walk and be alert to God’s creativity and power in the world around you.

And if you have yet to give your life to Jesus, I urge you to do so by asking him to be your Savior.


Message Title: God is King
Series: God Is…
Message Date: December 21, 2014
Speaker: Tim Rowland



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