God is…Savior!

God is…Savior!

God is Savior!

By simply calling him “savior”, we recognize our need to be saved. With Christmas in full effect and it being a season that we are looking for opportunities to help those who can’t help themselves, it is important to remember that Jesus did something for all of us, that none of us could do for ourselves!

Jesus is Savior. He is Rescuer. He is the only hope for a broken, sinful world. During His ministry, over and over, He did things for “one” to show what He was going to do for all!

In this season of giving and looking for ways to help others, let us not miss the greatest gift of all. Let us not miss a baby, born in a stable, who would grow up and take God’s wrath, so we may have eternal hope, eternal joy, and eternal life!

Wishing you and your family a blessed & Merry Christmas!



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Message Title: God is Savior
Series: God Is…
Message Date: December 7, 2014
Speaker: Dustin Kaehr





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