This week, we looked at one of the most defining actions of a true follower of Jesus: Compassion.

There is no doubt you can show compassion without being a follower of Jesus, but you cannot claim to follow Jesus and not show compassion to others!

We looked at Jesus’ interaction with ten lepers in Luke 17:13-19. We were reminded that:

  • Compassion can be big, consuming, and expensive
  • Compassion can be a simple act you may see as inconsequential, taking little effort on your part
  • How compassion looks can vary, but at its core, the acts of compassion should draw people to the Love and Good News of Jesus

We were reminded by Mother Teresa that we should “treat everyone like we would treat Christ”.

The challenge was to think about who we need to show more (or even some) compassion to. Remembering that the ones closest to us are usually the hardest to show compassion.

We also have a great opportunity to help you get involved in one of our numerous Compassion Ministries. There is an informational meeting on Thursday, October 9 at 6:30pm, and can you learn more and register here.

Message Title: Compassion
Series: Encounters
Message Date: September 28, 2014
Speaker: Dustin Kaehr




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