Journey of Faith

Journey of Faith

This week we jumped back into our series entitled Encounters by looking at Jesus’ night-time encounter with a religious ruler named Nicodemus in John 3. Unlike the previous week, this encounter was just one domino in Nicodemus’ journey of faith. As we looked at the story of Nicodemus we pulled a few nuggets of wisdom.

  1. Nicodemus was religious and had never felt a need for a conversion.
  2. Nicodemus had questions that he needed answered before he followed Jesus.
  3. Nicodemus wasn’t ready to make a decision to follow Jesus after his first encounter.

While we are never given an account of Nicodemus’ conversion, we know his life has been dramatically changed when he is there to help bury the crucified body of Jesus. The challenge for the morning was to identify who it is in your life that you are in the long haul with. How can you be the next domino in their life that moves them closer to Jesus?

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Message Title: Journey of Faith
Series: Encounters
Message Date: September 21, 2014
Speaker: Drew Richey

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