Next Steps: Community Done Right

Next Steps: Community Done Right

This week we kicked off a two week series focusing on the Next Steps needed on our journey toward real community. Based on the model of the early church, there are four parts to basic, Biblical Community (see Acts 2:42):

  1. Teaching
  2. Fellowship
  3. Breaking of Bread
  4. Prayer

We also introduced our renewed focus on a Small Group ministry and Community Groups (new name for “small groups”). We are defining a Community Group as:

A group of people that meet at least twice a month for teaching or study,
fellowship, and prayer, and that is always open and prepared to multiply.

If you are already in some kind of Community Group, great! I want to encourage your group to keep going! If you need resources, help, or ideas, let me know! I would love for the leader of your group to email and tell me about your group ( If you are not in a group and want to be, or maybe you are not ready to be a group, you might want to check out What’s Next! Beginning Wednesday, September 10, I am going to host a model Community Group. It will meet from 6:30 to 8:00pm at River Oaks. We will have some snacks, a bit of teaching, and for those of you with kids, childcare. You are welcome to join us at anytime, you just need to register HERE. Our goal is to model what a Community Group looks like, then after six weeks, encourage you to continue meeting on your own. If you do not need our help to facilitate a group, feel free to grab some friends and start meeting! I hope that you remember we are were created for community, and without it we are missing one of the best things this life has to offer! If I can help you in any way on your journey, please let me know! Dustin

We welcome your feedback about our weekend services if you were able to join us! Feel free to tell us about your experience, your favorite parts, or any ways we can improve.

If you missed our services last weekend, be sure to listen to the message below. You can also find important announcements about ministry opportunities on the News tab, and get a taste of what our worship experience was like too.

As always, if you have significant events occurring in your life where we could help, don’t hesitate to let us know! We are here to help and support you as best we can.

Message Title: Community Done Right
Series: Next Steps
Message Date: Aug 24, 2014
Speaker: Dustin Kaehr

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