Rockford Update #3

Hi!! This is Lauren Miller blogging here in Rockford on our JH mission trip! So, we just completed day three of our trip and everything is going great. We continued our work today on the two house projects that were assigned to us. I personally was painting one of the houses front and side porch today and we even got to meet the two children who live in that house. As we were painting the porch the little girl who lived there came out, very slowly and shyly, and asked if she could help paint. We let her help of course and she very quickly opened up and began talking to us as she helped paint. She was super adorable! As we were working today it was pretty hot and at some point a small water fight broke out and the little boy also came out to play. He really liked shooting people with his water gun. He too was very, very, cute.

Not only have we gotten so much work done that some things are unrecognizable we have learned and grown closer. This week we are learning about prayer and who our God is. The biggest thing I would say we’ve learned right now is that God is our Father and he wants us to talk to him like that is what we think he is.

I think even though we are only three days in our group is much closer and I know I have really picked up some relationships with new friends. I can’t wait to see what our last day of work tomorrow has in store and what God has planned for us tomorrow. Please keep us in your prayers as the day goes on and pray that the weather will hold, that we will have good attitudes, that we can stay focused on the task, that we will keep our tempers, and that our work will show these people what we can do through God. All of us are missing all of you so I hope this is nice to hear. Bye for now.

Drew Richey
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