Haiti Team Update – July 27, 2014

Haiti Team Update – July 27, 2014

We had a proud American moment today when we got to unload humanitarian aid from a US Air Force C17 plane. 15,000 pounds of cargo will go to those in need. Our last day in Haiti we went out with a bang!

Lots of adventures this week and God has been faithful and has challenged and blessed each of us uniquely. He has provided a very rich and humbling experience.

We have not lacked for friends here in Haiti! The Haitians are loving and lovely people who have blessed us probably more than we have blessed them. Last evening we met the oldest woman in the village “Madame Baguette” who greeted us with much enthusiasm and was especially enamored by Sophie’s light brown hair.

Our week has included serving at feeding stations and orphanages; opening up a “shop” made up of donated shoes, clothing and hygiene items and letting those in need shop for what they need; an afternoon at a beautiful Caribbean beach to recharge our batteries; wonderful dinners prepared for us each evening by two Haitian women; church; spending time with and showing God’s love to the children here; new friendships, love, laughter, tears, and lots of sweat! 🙂 Our team has bonded with each other, the Lifeline team, and the Haitian people.

We ended our last evening here with a walk in the village to say “au revoir” to our new friends. All week long as soon as the children have seen us coming, they have smiled big toothy smiles, called out our names and run up to hold our hands! Tonight was no exception. It has not been unusual for us to gain a following of 20-30 children or so everywhere we have gone! It has made us think of how Jesus said “Let the little children come to me.” We can picture Jesus having quite the following of children everywhere he went, clinging to him. A wonderful thought to ponder.

We do not want to leave our precious new friends, or the delicious mangos, plantains, and pineapples here behind! But we look forward to returning home to our families. Thank you to everyone for praying for our team!

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  1. Kathy Wingard 3 years ago

    Praying for all of you, and can’t wait to talk with you.

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