Mexico ’14 Update #2

Mexico ’14 Update #2

Emphasizing on Joy’s little sentence about making friends with kids I just thought I would add a little story. After we had eaten dinner at a little restaurant some of the boys and girls including me went up to a soccer field near us. The soccer field is surrounded by 4 foot walls of concrete bricks that are worn. Sprouting out of the brick are large maybe 15 ft. fences. When we got there, there were about 10 or so kids and adults in the arena and a lot more sitting on the outside. They were having some sort of tournament and quickly allowed a team USA to join in. I, not being a soccer or futbol player as they call it here, kinda just stood to watch, when a smaller kid probably about 6 or 7 came up to our group. He apparently had been there early that day when some of the boys had come down. I using my cracked and slightly scrambled version of Spanish to find that his name was Lupe, and lived in a lime green house not that far from the soccer field. He and I stood and watched as “Team USA” was getting crushed in the tournament. Eventually someone kicked the ball over the 20 ft fence, no easy feat, and Lupe started to walk towards it. One of the soccer players gets to it first and Lupe walks back kicking cans down a 5 ft dusty hill next to the soccer courts. I started playfully kicking cans down the hill too and suddenly it erupted into an elaborate game in which one player would stand at the top (usually Lupe) and kick cans or bottles down the hill, then the person at the bottom (usually me) had to hit the rolling trash with rocks from the ground. Eventually other people like Mitchel and Abbi joined in on the game. Suddenly we had to head back right as I almost could get 3 bottles and I told Lupe I would get those three tomorrow. I realized tonight how amazing it was that I could just communicate just enough to play a fun little game with Lupe. Also it made me realize the reason that we are here and why we are helping these people.

–          Braden


  1. Scott Tilley 3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your story Braden! It’s amazing what small ways our lives can make an impact!

  2. Judy McPhail 3 years ago

    Great that you are interacting with the kids! Building relationships make memories forever!

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