Roots: Faith and Compassion

Roots: Faith and Compassion

According to a TIME magazine article from 1989: two major themes of that year were the fall of communism and the rise of technology. One other thing about 1989: River Oaks Community Church was born! Leading up to June 01, and including it, Pastor Tim is going to review seven of the dominant themes that have been defining for River Oaks’ over that past 2.5 decades. We will call them “The Roots of River Oaks”. This series will be more than a review, it will also be a challenge to press on with God’s calling for the next 25 years!

Sunday, Pastor Tim focused on the first two of seven themes for the series.

1. Faith– Hebrews 11:6, “Without faith it is impossible to please God.”

We are referencing the kind of faith to believe God for great things; things beyond our resources or ability; things that we can’t accomplish without Him. Think of it as “holy risk taking.” When God’s people act “in faith,” it pleases God because it gives God a chance to show off His power and His presence.

Faith isn’t always asking God to do big things; it’s asking him to do impossible things; things we can’t do like healing sick people or restoring hopelessly broken relationships. And, over the years, and still today, we have been witness to the results of this kind of “God-sized” faith. And, we need to continue to have faith-filled leaders who will challenge us and lead us into ministry and opportunity that requires God’s presence and power. If we fail to do so and play it safe, we will miss out on the chances to see God do mighty things among us!

2. Compassion

As leaders and church family we have rallied around and agreed with the words of Jesus in Matthew 25:31-46. We have embedded this theme into the River Oaks’ DNA. We work hard to provide opportunities to be compassionate to the poor and the “least of these” both in our local community and in other parts of the world.

Challenge for our 25th Anniversary…

Take a look at all of the details of the exciting opportunities for River Oaks coming up, as a part of our 25th Anniversary Celebration at and click on the large 25th Anniversary Compassion Project slide at the top of the page.




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