April 2014 Trip

April 2014, 7 members from ROCC had the opportunity to again travel to the Island Nation to share for a week with our Brothers and Sisters there. Our group was joined by another small group from a neighboring church here at home that rounded out our full team to 10 individuals. It was a joyful time to re-unite with old friends, meet new friends and experience the faithful culture of the Island. Most importantly, we are happy to report that Carlos and Rose are doing well – but their service continues to be much needed and called upon making every day long and complex for them.

Our week consisted of several key activities;
– A visit to one of the kids club days where almost 100 kids had a chance to learn about the word from the kids club teachers and share a meal.
– Attending church service locally with our friends on the island.
– Playing kickball, jump rope, volleyball, throwing baseballs and footballs with the members of a rural church… using the local pasture as a ball field after the steers and goats had been moved to the other end of the field.
– visiting the local market to gather items for food bags
– Attending the mid-month Pastor’s luncheon
– Making 23 home visits to share love and encouragement with Brothers and Sisters facing challenges. Our visits focused on the Elderly, mothers raising adult handicapped children, persons with disabilities, widowed parents raising children.

The week was busy and days were full, but God’s love got us through each task. As always, we hope we left blessings behind and know that we come home more blessed than when we left.

River Oaks
Our mission is to Go to the lost with the message of Jesus Christ, Grow our faith in Jesus Christ, and Show compassion to those in need. We offer services at 9:00 and 10:30am, a student service at 10:30am, and a Spanish service at 12:30pm. Come visit us and let us show you around!


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