Invasion: One Indicator of a Mature Faith

Invasion: One Indicator of a Mature Faith

Daniel 5:1-31 is yet another account of Daniel interpreting a mysterious message for a king. Daniel is asked to interpret a handwritten message on a wall for King Belshazzar.

This story occurs somewhere around 25 years and four kings later, after King Nebuchadnezzar. 80-year-old Daniel was invited into the banquet hall and stood before the king who was scared. The King promised Daniel about anything he desired if he could interpret the words on the wall. Daniel’s response: “I don’t want your money or your gifts.  Give them to someone else. I will interpret the writing on the wall for you…but before I do, I have something I want to say to you. It’s the same message I gave your predecessor, Nebuchadnezzar; you have a pride problem.”

Invaders do not allow power, prestige or money to “rule their lives.”

  • Jesus speaks about power and prestige in Luke 22:26 and Luke 14:7-10.
  • Jesus speaks about money in Matthew 6:19-20, Luke 18:18-27, and in Luke 21:1-4.

Invaders look for ways to serve, not be served.

Self assessment to help you know if you serve God or money:

  • How much do you think about money?
  • How often do you check to see what your net worth is?
  • How often are you spontaneously generous?
  • Have you ever given a ‘crazy’ amount of money away? I mean enough that your financial advisor questions you?
  • Have you ever said ‘no thanks’ to a promotion or job offer that would have given you a lot more money but would have taken you away from your family too much?
  • How often do you offer heart-felt gratitude for the things you have?
  • How much to you budget to give away?
  • How content are you with what you have?
  • How much debt are you in?

Our culture needs to be invaded by men, women and students who are

  • Servants
  • Outrageously generous
  • Gratefully content
  • And who never bow before any other god but the one true God.




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