Haiti Update – Day 1

Haiti Update – Day 1

photoSpirits are high for our small group of seven, mostly because we finally arrived yesterday after spending 18 hours on the airport floor. After the polar vortex weather came upon us over the weekend, we made a decision to drive to the Chicago airport a day early; hoping to miss the storm.
And as soon as we arrived in the Chicago airport, God decided to do some magical things when an early flight to Miami was available for us! What an awesome God! So we got to Miami on Sunday night and completely avoided all of the canceled flights out of Chicago. Even though we had to spend the next hours on the cold dirty floor, we were very thankful to be out of the storm.
So upon our arrival, we were excited beyond belief and all the waiting was worth it. As soon as we arrived at Children’s Lifeline, we carried the many bags full of supplies up to our home for the week. Then we had a delicious dinner and went straight to bed. We were all very thankful for a full night of sleep in beds.
photo 2Today (Tuesday) we started the day up at the prayer rock and our leader Brandi gave a wonderful devotional. We then got a tour of the compound and began unloaded and sorting the bags full of supplies. All while the children’s laughter echoed below us from their school rooms. 4 of the people have been to Haiti before and we were so ecstatic to see so many familiar faces as they ran toward us calling our names. And the few first time travelers loved that new experience as well. We all got to help out at the feeding center here at Lifeline and it’s always so amazing to see the buckets of food get loaded onto a truck for 8,000 kids. We are excited to continue helping at the feeding centers all week.
We are anticipating a busy week full of orphanages, block building, bunk-bed making, feeding stations, and loving on as many babies as we can! We will update more as the week continues!

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  1. Jackie Klase 4 years ago

    So thankful your group arrived safely, thank you for the update. I am praying for your team. Enjoy!

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