HS Mission Trip: Parent Meeting Recap

HS Mission Trip: Parent Meeting Recap

This past Sunday we had a short parent’s meeting to discuss this summer’s HS Mission Trip (July 6-13) for students who are currently in 9th-12th grade and their parents.  Below is a brief recap regarding what was discussed.  Let me know if you have any other additional questions regarding the trip.

Application Process

All registrations can be found below.  Registration is not complete until the initial deposit is made (online with a small fee or by check which can be given to Tommy or the main office).  Applications and deposit are due by February 2nd.

Student Application Link

Parent Application Link

What will we be doing while in Mexico?

We will be working with Mexico Caravan Ministries.  While there we will learn about world missions and build homes for local families in need.  Our team will be broken down into group of 11-14 and each group will build a house a day (4 total – material costs are included in our total cost).  While building the houses, students will have ample opportunities to interact and play with neighborhood children and families.

What is travel like?

We will meet VERY early Sunday morning July 6th and will take a bus to Chicago.  From there we’ll fly to San Diego, California, rent vans, and drive into Mexico (roughly a 35 or so mile drive).  On Saturday, July 12th we’ll drive back to San Diego for a day of rest and reflection.  On Sunday, July 13th we’ll fly back to Chicago and ride a bus back to River Oaks.

While in the airport, students will be assigned to adult leaders, who will go through security and checkpoints with them.  No students will be on their own.

All participants will need a passport in order to participate in this trip.

What is a typical work day like?

Morning devotions & breakfast

Worship and Teaching

Load up trucks, travel to work site and begin building

Lunch with the families who will receive the house

Finish the build (below is a video which describes the ministry and allows you to see what a house looks like)

Dinner with the staff interns

Evening Worship and Teaching/Reflection

What is the total cost of the trip?

The estimated total cost of the trip is $1,275 (this is a high estimate), which includes all travel, money for food (even in airports), building materials, housing fees, and out of country travelers insurance.  $400 of the total cost is through a series of deposits.  We will seek to raise the rest through our annual flower sale, chicken BBQ, and support letters.  Participants will be responsible to make up any deficits once the actual trip cost is finalized.

Will your child be safe?

This is a very valid question.  The quick answer is that there are no guarantees of safety in our world, whether we travel around the world, or even work at Martin’s which was recently on the news.  At the same time we put our faith in God and take every precaution we can.  All travel is supervised.  All travel to and from work sites and dinner are led by full-time staff who live there and know the area.  Caravan takes our safety very seriously and lays out detailed expectations as to what is acceptable and not.

Finally, I want you to know that I believe in this trip and believe it will be a growing opportunity for all who participate!  Let me know if you have any questions.

Tommy Morelock

Student Ministries Pastor


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