“Light Of Love” – December 21st & 22nd, 2013

“Light Of Love” – December 21st & 22nd, 2013

Christ is often referred to as “light”.  Light is the only thing that can penetrate darkness.  Christ is the only thing that can break through the darkness of our sin.  This morning we bask in His light of love, grace and mercy!

We were able to make use of some really cool “tech” treatments this year, thanks to our Program Director, Tim Blaum and his crew.  We began the services with some multi-medea, embellished by a beautifully expressive worship dance (lit from behind a scrim) by Leah Tipton (choreographed by Kelly McDowell).  Next, Lindsay Harris sang a new song that I wrote for this program called “Now”, in which the scrim fell to the stage as the band began to play.  Highlighting our “light” theme, we continued with the song “Dawn is Break”, sang by Rich Trowbridge.

At this time, the congregation was invited to sing with us on the next four songs: “Angels We Have Heard on High”, “Children of Light” (Passion) and “I Saw the Light” (Hank Williams, of course), and “Go Tell it On the Mountain”.  This group of songs featured acoustic instruments such as banjo, acoustic bass, accordion, violin and cello.

We continued with a new song by Francesca Battistel, “Heaven Everywhere”, sung by Lindsay Harris.  Justin Palmer then sang the powerful song, “Unto Us”Next was a new arrangement of the song “What Child Is This”, probably my favorite traditional Christmas song. Kim Kaser sang it with just a “jazz” trio accompaniment (piano, acoustic bass, drums w/ brushes).

Again, we brought the congregation up to sing with us.  Together we sang “Light of the World” and “O Come Let Us Adore”.

After Tim Rowland’s challenging message, we closed the service with the title song I wrote for the program, “Light of Love”, sung by Jennifer Beers.  If you would like a free download of this song, please contact us!

So many musicians and techs, put so many hours into this program! I’m so grateful to the incredible teams we have.  Such great hearts and attitudes!  I can’t thank them enough for serving in the manner they do.  I love the close bond we share in ministry!

Our vocalists for the weekend:  Lindsay Harris, Justin Palmer, Jennifer Beer, Carol West, Rich Trowbridge and Kim Kaser.

Musicians:  Andrew Hauser – Drum Kit, Matt Campagnoli – Percussion, Jordan Swartzendruber – bass (electric & acoustic), Tim Wietstock – Keyboards & Accordion and Rich Trowbridge – Acoustic Guitar.  I enjoyed playing piano, electric guitar, nylon string acoustic guitar and banjo.  Our string players were Julie Bergdall – Violin and Kim Kaser – Cello. Patty Thompson provided piano music in the lobby.

Techs:  Ashley Swartzendruber – Confidence Screen Computer, Ron Hutton – Main Screens Computer, Dennis VanderWeide – Sound Board and Tim Blaum – Lighting Design and Programming.  Bruce Bergdall and Nate Harris designed the scrim operation. Carol West, Kelly McDowell, Scott Tilley, Tim Blaum, Tim Rowland and I were all apart of the service planning committee.

I hope to soon add some pictures from this event.

All this for the Glory of the Lord, who graciously shines down His light of love!

Scott Allen
Worship Director - x111 - E-Mail Scott


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