Sunday Services: September 29, 2013

Sunday Services: September 29, 2013

We continued in our “No Regrets” teaching series this morning.  Our focus was “running the race that God has given us”.  As always, great message by Tim.  Musically, we focused on the theme of “running” (to His love, mercy, grace,..) and to fully experience this life (race) that He has given us.  Together we sang “Marvelous Light” (running into His light, out of darkness), Kristian Stanfill’s “Children of Light” (wake up, open your eyes, no longer dead, we are alive), “Awake My Soul” and “Forever Reign” (I’m running to Your arms,..).  We closed with a new song by Hillsong, “Running” (how appropriate!).

Keep running the race, River Oaks!

Scott Allen
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