The Halloween Thing

The Halloween Thing

Scary is not a word that normally describes River Oaks, but it will for student ministries on Friday, October 18th! It will be a night you’ll never forget – a night of spiders, skeletons, chainsaws…. and an ultimate maze to nowhere!

Everyone will scream – if not from fright then from fun! Strobe lights, black, lights, fog machines, and surprises in the dark and much more! It’s all included!

A couple years ago this proved to be the best student ministry outreach ever. So, students (6th-12th grade ONLY), bring your friends! Make sure they hear the Gospel and make sure they meet Jesus one day!

Don’t forget about the free ghastly food and crazy BIG prize giveaways! Don’t miss it!!!

We need MANY adult volunteers to make this outreach possible! If you are post-high school and older, you can sign-up to help make this night possible by following this link (registration is closed) or in the lobby on Sunday mornings!

You can also let us know you’re coming by RSVP’ing to our Facebook Event Page!

Drew Richey
Family Ministries Pastor - x108 - E-Mail Drew


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