Day #3

We’ve had three busy days of work in the intense heat. As is the case when we’re not acclimated, we get our breaks in, but many of us continue to push through the sweat to get our projects done. Today was no exception.

Over the first three days here, we’ve spent time working on a new water filtration project, as well as an update to the original one we sponsored. Fountains of Hope founder, Bill Farrar, expressed his sincerest gratitude for partnering with them again to complete our second water project for Children’s Lifeline before leaving tonight. Our video team was also able to capture some footage of Bill and the water systems that we hope will benefit Fountains of Hope in their ministry too.

On top of that, extraordinary work has been done in sorting items in the warehouse, though shelving and organization really does continue to be a big deficit there. Many of us continue to carry the burden of wanting to find better ways to see that area of issue get some attention too.

Somewhere around 5-10 benches were finished today, and a second load of lumber arrived to do more soon. Our team is working well together to accomplish many goals. These benches will be a major asset to the schools and orphanages that need them. Several of the existing benches are in bad shape as well, and I think some are interested in getting those fixed too.

On top of all the tangible accomplishments, we’ve spent good time playing with the children, watching soccer matches, fellowshipping with one another, visiting orphanages, and reflecting on our day(s). As I listen to the evening rains on the tin roof outside my window, I can’t help but feel blessed to have the opportunity to be led to Haiti again. We continue to feel your prayers for our wellbeing, and cherish the contributions and blessings that got us here. There’s no doubt we’ll be coming home with a fire freshly lit or newly rekindled to continue the wonderful work that Children’s Lifeline is doing.

Blessings to you back home!

(Special thanks to Ashley Swartzendruber for the amazing shots she’s capturing while we’re here. We’re blessed to have both she and her husband Jordan documenting the trip from every angle this week!)

River Oaks
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  1. Viki Pharis 4 years ago

    Praying for all of you! Good work team!!

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