Sunday Services: Sept 1, 2013

Sunday Services: Sept 1, 2013

You surely noticed the word “Crown” used through-out many of the songs we sang this morning. When looking at these lyrics , I noticed that we use this word in three different contexts:

1. A crown represents authority, power, royalty, someone who is King.  This morning we sing of the one who is the King of Kings, worthy of an infinite about of crowns!

2. We also sing of a “crown of thorns”, which represents suffering, pain, Christ laying down his live for us, the ultimate sacrifice.

3. And lastly we sang of laying down our “crowns”, laying down the things that mean most to us, laying down our hearts, our lives…

Musically, we began with David Crowder’s “Only You” (lyrics: Take my heart, I lay it down at the feet of You who’s crowned).  We continued with Jared Anderson’s “Glorified” (lyrics: The greatest joy I’ve found is to lay a crown before my King).  Next was Hillsong’s “Endless Light” (lyrics: From the highest throne to the earth below, You laid down Your life for the likes of us, great is the love of the Savior!).  We then transitioned into the hymn “Crown Him With Many Crowns”.  We ended this portion of worship with Matt Redman’s “Jesus Son of God” (lyric: A crown of thorns to mock Your name, forgiveness fell upon Your face, a love like this, the world has never known).  

After Tim’s message, we closed with a new Passion song “My Delight is in You”.  Great song that we’ll certainly be bringing back!

As we walk through life this week (and always), keep Christ on His Throne!

Scott Allen
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