Cincinnati 2013 #2

Post by Philip:

All my life I’ve struggled with pride. A lot of times I get caught up in my skills and talents, such as sports, and I forget that all my skills and talents are God-given and in everything I do, I should glorify Him. Scripture tells us to live in the world, but not of it. Society teaches us to boast, and be prideful and full of ourselves; while God has called us to live Christian lives and praise Him.

My father is a man of God. I strive to follow after the Lord just as he does. He was the first one to really give me a reality check about my pride. He questioned where my heart was in terms of pride, and after thinking it over, it was a valid concern. I need to really focus on glorifying the lord in everything I do.

This trip is definitely what I would call a reality check. One week away from home, away from family, away from friends, to really focus in on the Lord. I desperately needed this. I feel like God has spoken to me in more ways than I would ever imagine. One thing I’ve realized is I really need to get my priorities straight. How I spend my time, who I hang out with, and how I act. The Lord our God is my number one priority and it’s about time I start acting like it.

Drew Richey
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