Break Free from Regret

Break Free from Regret

This weekend’s services offered us an opportunity, as a congregation, to practice last week’s challenge of balancing a negative with a positive. Although Pastor Tim was home sick, we were still challenged by an inspiring message from Joel Thomas of North Point Community Church in Atlanta, GA.

We were challenged with the idea of sorrow, regret and repentance as found in 2 Cor. 7:8-11. We were first provided with understanding of what it means to live with regret– the idea of living with the constant challenge of “if only.” Pastor Thomas then unpacked for us the two potential paths of sorrow: worldly or Godly.

To choose the path of worldly sorrow, which is more self-centered, avoiding consequence type of sorrow, leads to non-repentance, death and ultimately regret. In contrast, to choose the path of Godly sorry, which is more God centered in thinking, moves us toward repentance, salvation and ultimately no regret. In other words, repentance rescues us from regret.

We were challenged to sign over the deed—a written document recording your regret—to God. Because God sent Christ to die on a cross on our behalf, allowing a vehicle for repentance to occur, we can live in the freedom of the cross—released from the guilt, shame and regret. And ultimately, the sorrow moves us toward Christ.

A number people asked about getting a copy of this message for personal use or to share with a friend. A link to this message will be posted on our web site at in the media section for March 17, 2013.


If you are seeking a release from regret(s) in your life, and you need added support and help, please let us know so we can help offer encouragement and prayer.

If you are seeking places to get involved or connected, please take note of the various sign-ups and registrations on our web site at Current sign ups include:

  • Spring Hill summer camp volunteers and registrations.
  • College Student Care Packages
  • Volunteer to distribute Easter cards at the Elkhart Jail
  • Men’s Job Loss Study/Support Group (NEW)
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And finally, don’t forget to register for one of three Easter services at River Oaks (8:30, 9:45, & 11:00) at

Celebrating the freedom of the cross this week!

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