Heading home.

It’s nearly 1 am here in Haiti, and with the exception of a few, everyone is asleep for another 4 hours until we wake up early to head to the airport.

This weekend has been the perfect cap to our trip. We accomplished so much while we’ve been here, and it’s a bit overwhelming to try to remember everything we’ve worked on. Many lasting memories, friendships, and life changes have been made, and we’re excited to continue being missionaries when we return home. Just because our trip is ending, it doesn’t mean the projects have, nor the goals to love one another.

Returning home is bittersweet. While many of us look forward to seeing friends and loved ones who we’ve missed this last week, saying goodbye to the children, new adult friends, and Bill and JoEllen is difficult to do. We hope that we’ll be back to see all of them sooner than later.

We’ll arrive home later tomorrow evening, if travel goes as planned. We encourage you to pray for our travel, as some of us have had flashbacks to our epic marathon ride to the airport during our last trip, and as we look towards the weather forecast back at home. Pray that delays don’t create problems for us, and that our layover provides us enough time to get through customs.

We appreciate all of your prayers this week, and notes of encouragement. We look forward to sharing many pictures, stories, and momentos with you as we return home.

See you soon!

-Tim, Landon, Pam, Lisa, Jenni & Kevin, Matt, Thad, Joel, Brent, Eric, Kathy, Pauline, Rachel, Jake, & Mike.

River Oaks
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  1. kurt bullard 5 years ago

    May God smooth the path for your journey home. We are all waiting to hear about how God worked through the team.

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