Unwrapping Christmas begins with “KidsWorld Sings”

Unwrapping Christmas begins with “KidsWorld Sings”

Sunday at River Oaks was anything but ordinary! The Christmas season began to be unwrapped as KidsWorld Sings took the stage. Not only did the children sing some great songs, mixed with some memorable smiles, a clever drama provided the platform for Pastor Tim’s message, asking the question: “What is Christmas all about?”

As we remembered the Christmas story–the where, when and why, we were reminded that we can often get buried under the familiarity of the season along with the pace of the season and the pressures of the season and the demands of the season and we miss the wonder of the season.

The wonder of the reality that God really did come to this earth in what surly was the greatest miracle of human history.

  • John 1:1-2
  • John 1:14
  • John 3:16

When was the last time you found yourself  overcome with that wonder at something familiar? Where gratitude just bubbles out of your soul at something normal in your life? This Christmas season…may you get a moment of wonder over the very familiar story of a birth of Christ… the God-man who came to open the gates of heaven for us forever!

Look for it. Plan for it. Make space for it.


As we step into the Christmas season, please carve out some moments to experience “peace on earth and goodwill to all men.” If you’re not fi



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