Faith for the Transitions of Life

Faith for the Transitions of Life

Sunday at River Oaks began with another morning of moving worship, with the addition of a Haiti mission team update, prior to Pastor Tim’s message. The message centered around transitions and the role that faith plays amidst these times. To illustrate this, we visited three major transitions in Abraham’s life, all in roughly a 3-year time span.

  1. Genesis 23, Sarah dies (his wife of over 100 years!).
  2. Genesis 24, Isaac gets married
  3. Genesis 25:1, Abraham’s remarriage

“What does ‘faith-for-the-transitions-of-life’ look like?”

  • faith looks back at the past season with gratitude

…Be grateful for what you had for as long as you had it. Talk about it and get those pictures out!

  • faith accepts the reality of the ‘new normal’:

This doesn’t mean you will or have to get to the point you think the new season is better, it’s just that you accept this as part of God’s plan for your life.

  • faith searches for new themes for the new season.

To hear the message in its entirety, please listen at, by clicking “Media”. The message will be available for download beginning Wednesday.


Are you stuck in a transition in life? Could you use help moving forward? If so, seek out the help and support of a trusted Christian friend, or contact the church office. We were not intended to face life’s challenges and transitions alone.

Speaking of transitions, the holidays often are difficult reminders of some of life’s painful transitions in regards to the death of a loved one. If you or someone you know could benefit from the one-hour class “Surviving the Holidays” this coming Sunday, please plan to attend at 10:30 in Rm. 302.

If you would be interested in being a part of the First Impressions’ team, we are in need of some additional ushers to serve on a rotational basis. This is a great way to get acquainted with others! If interested, please email Dawn at

Families, mark your calendars! “Why Do We Call It Christmas?” – A special family movie event on November 30 is coming up. This movie event will discuss how our Christmas traditions, like cutting down Christmas trees, points back to Jesus.

Clinging to the stability of Jesus amidst life’s transitions!

Scott Tilley, Adult Ministries Pastor /


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