Setting “goals” in the storm!

Setting “goals” in the storm!

Day four has come and gone faster than the first three, it feels. Its evident we are all having an amazing time here, as time seems to be moving faster and faster. So much remains to be accomplished, but today was filled full of more activities and projects. It’s so rewarding to see things coming together that we’ve been working on!

We continue to grow closer together as a group, bonding over language gaffes, playing cards in the evening, and the ladies took up some local women who were talented with braids and manicures this evening. I for one, am feeling so blessed to have gained new friends in all of these wonderful people on our team, and our Haitian translators.

Kurt Bullard has a journal entry to share this evening, that tells you a little bit more about our day through his eyes. Several more pictures are available above. (Hover over them to reveal arrows to advance through them).


Hello from Haiti!

The team, as well as myself, are “trèbon” (good). Today’s activities and labors included traveling to an orphanage in Barboncourt (a twenty to thirty minute walk). The need and conditions were almost overwhelming. The surprise and laughter heard after a balloon pops is the same in Haiti as it is at home. At a second orphanage, 200 children were fed and received toys and love. The young are energetic (if nourished), the teens are apprehensive about the future, the adults seem to see hope fading away and the elderly are few and unseen.

The construction of new soccer goals has been greeted with much anticipation and joy. The previous goals were sticks in the ground with a rope about the new ones are almost unbelievable to the village soccer players. I have yet to find the “elusive” basketball and though we have a goal and court, the ball is MIA!!! I have placed a reward of 200 good (5 dollars) on anyone finding a basketball.

Three construction projects were started at the mission this afternoon. The construction team is fairly frustrated with the availability of materials but we have been blessed with many “MacGyvers” to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Thad & myself and Noah, a translator, trekked to the well at the river and manually started constructing a diversion filter to prevent silt from plugging the well screen. Boulders, rocks, and gravel fem the riverbed were plentiful and our only materials.

My hope and prayer are that River Oaks and Children’s Lifeline can build a longterm relationship. The need is great but so are our gifts that God has given to us and expects us to use. A sign on a church marquee is rememberable to me that stated… “Don’t tell God how big your storm is… tell the storm how big your God is!!!”

Your brother in Christ in Haiti,

Kurt Bullard

River Oaks
Our mission is to Go to the lost with the message of Jesus Christ, Grow our faith in Jesus Christ, and Show compassion to those in need. We offer services at 9:00 and 10:30am, a student service at 10:30am, and a Spanish service at 12:30pm. Come visit us and let us show you around!


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