The need is great.

The need is great.

Day 2 got our team off to a great start with much hard work on our plate. After a brief tour on foot of the village, the team visited the construction site for Pastor Odmy’s new home, and some stayed to help the Haitian team that was already hard at work. The rest of the team helped with feeding programs and sorted through all of the donated materials that were brought for various purposes.

Our first full day here in Haiti has left many of us with a better understanding of what conditions most in Haiti are living in, and how Children’s Lifeline is helping those in the area. I don’t think anyone could fully prepare to understand just how great the needs are here. From witnessing small children walking around without clothing, to the building project for Pastor Odmy that allows all 12 people in his family (and the many others he lets into his home) to have a place to stay, to the stories of widows who come for a day and a half’s ration of food. These are small examples of just how desperate the conditions are. Bill and JoEllen have been telling us too, that they can get discouraged easily when you start to focus on how great the needs are, they’re endless, but they always tell those who come looking for help that The Mission offers tools and resources, but that God is the bottom line and the ultimate answer. His will be done.

I’ll leave you with a couple shots from the day, and a journal entry by Brandi Bessinger.


After a noisy night listening to the dogs barking and the rooster start his morning ritual, a new day awaits as we awake very early in the morning. After breakfast we head to “the rock” for devotional time with our family for the week. We have a wonderful team here in Haiti. As we sit together during devotional, we meet the pastor of the village just outside the mission compound. He is a Quiet and compassionate man. I am reminded of why I was called to visit the people of Haiti.

As I reflect on my day here, my mind is directed back to a little boy as we were walking to the dam. This little boy ran up to me and grabbed my hand to walk with me. I asked if he would let me take his picture and he nodded yes. When I was finished he wanted me to show him what I had taken. I realize that this may have been the first time he has ever seen himself.

Words are indescribable to give you my perspective on how these people live. That little boys face lit up when I showed him the picture I had taken of him. He was so excited, and my heart was touched! The people here just want to be loved. They have been very kind and love that we are here to help them. There is much work to be done here in this country as the poverty is unlike I have ever witnessed anywhere else.

Thank you for the continued prayers for our team’s safety & health along with our work together to continue doing God’s will. – Brandi Bessinger

River Oaks
Our mission is to Go to the lost with the message of Jesus Christ, Grow our faith in Jesus Christ, and Show compassion to those in need. We offer services at 9:00 and 10:30am, a student service at 10:30am, and a Spanish service at 12:30pm. Come visit us and let us show you around!


  1. Rachel
    Rachel 5 years ago

    The need is great, but our God is greater! Praying you all continue to see God working in you all, through you all and around you all to care for these people and bring them (and you!) closer to him!

  2. Granma Mary 5 years ago

    Knowing that those who look into your eyes can see a Spirit that knows Him and offers a joy beyond nation or circumstances. Love our daughters, sons, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers of our greater earth family. Thad, Brandi, Nathan when we say our prayers at night the boys know you are where you can help people who need you–even for a short time. Sending our love to all.

  3. Tim Rowland
    Tim Rowland 5 years ago

    I am so encouraged at what you guys are doing there in Haiti and how the experience is impacting you! We continue to hold all of you up in prayer! Stay strong!!


  4. Paula Klunder 5 years ago

    Hoping you are feeling the prayers of many. Thank you for showing the love of Jesus to so many Praying for your strength and perseverance.
    Scott:’s favorite sister,

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