30 Hour Famine

30 Hour Famine

If you are in 7th-12th grade, join us in our fight against world poverty! This year we will OVERCOME HUNGER!

Did you know that if you got only 12 people to donate $30 a piece, you could care for a child for an entire year?! It’s that easy! Set a goal and get started!

The process is simple. We will go 30 hours without food. In return, we will ask anyone and everyone we know to donate to our cause. Then, we will come together as one body on Friday, November 16th from 6pm-12am to pool our money, learn more about poverty, break our fast, and celebrate the lives of the children saved because of our efforts! Set a goal and join the fight!

To join the fight, pick up a packet from River Oaks Community Church!

Let us know you’re coming by RSVPing to our Facebook Event Page.

Did you know you can collect donations online?!

1. Click on this link (Registration is Closed) to register online.

4. Next, set a personal goal and fill out all the information to sign yourself up.

5. Once you have registered, you can send people to this link.

6. Finally, post that link to your Facebook page so everyone you know can donate regardless of how far away they live!


Q: Is it safe to go 30 Hours without food?

A: Yes. We do encourage you to drink plenty of fluids (juices, etc.) and chew gum. If you have any pre-existing health conditions we do encourage you to consult your doctor before fasting for that long of time.

Q: If I’m participating in the Famine, when should my last meal be?

A: The last time you eat should be about 5-6pm on Thursday, November 15. We plan to get everyone together that wants to join to grab a meal together that day.

Q: Where exactly does the money go after it’s donated.

A: The money goes to an organization called World Vision, who will then distribute the money across the globe. For more information you can check out The Official 30 Hour Famine Website.


Drew Richey
Family Ministries Pastor - x108 - E-Mail Drew


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