For Whose Pleasure?

For Whose Pleasure?

During our Band/Vocalist devotional time, I’ve shared some passages from the book “For Whose Pleasure” (Confronting the Real Issue as We Gather to Worship) by Steve Klingbeil.  Steve is a teacher at Moody Bible Institute and a worship pastor at Liberty Bible Church (in Chesterton, IN).  I read this book awhile ago and have found it very insightful.  As worshiper’s, how easy is it to forget that biblical worship is to please God.  Often we can focus on what pleases us in worship (songs, volume, presentation,..).

The book dedicates nine chapters to the values of biblical worship.  In the next couple of months, I will share some of these values.  The following deal with each of us, as worshipers, on a person level.

–  Pleasing God involves having an authentic relationship with Him.  If our hearts are far away, worship is a farce.

– Pleasing God involves having a heart that is clean (look at 1 John 1:9).  When we come humbly and with repentant hearts, He promises to draw near.

Steve unpacks these values much more in the book.  I encourage you to get a copy!

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