Haiti ‘12 Update #13

Haiti ‘12 Update #13

Our feeding center experience at Barban Court was a very impactful experience for many in our group (earlier blogs) including me.  At first I wasn’t sure what I should be doing since our students did a great job jumping in and helping out right away.  I started wondering back and forth and finally found my way in the back of the center to see what I could do.  Immediately my gaze began to focus on a little boy sitting on the floor with his food named Clevison.  He was probably around 2 years old.  My first thought was to see if he was able to feed himself, which he was.  After a few minutes I noticed that he was swaying back and forth and had fallen asleep.  Immediately I moved right behind him so that he didn’t fall back and smack his head against the concrete floor.  About a minute later I decided to pick him up and figured I’d hold him for a few minutes and hand him to his mother.  Later I found out that his mother wasn’t anywhere around.  He had come with a few girls just a little older than him.  After a little discussion I decided to walk him back to his house with the other children and one of our translators.  He lived about a half mile away.  Needless to say his mother was very appreciative.

This experience was very impactful for me and caused me to think about my own children Kaitlyn (4) and Byron (2).  I can’t even imagine Kaitlyn having the responsibility of caring for Byron and making sure he gets back and forth from the feeding center.  I also can’t imagine that this is the only meal that Clevison has most days.  We have so much to be thankful for.  Praise God for Lifeline and all the work they do here in Haiti!


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  1. Tammy Tilley 5 years ago

    Thank you, Tommy, for sacrificing your own time with your wife and kiddos to be where you are. You were the arms and face of Jesus today to this little Clevison.

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