Haiti ‘12 Update #8

Haiti ‘12 Update #8

Some events from today included church, a tour through the capital city, shopping in the markets, and seeing the burial sight from the earthquake in January of 2010.

I must tell you that we sing a song called Shout to the Lord, but the Haitian church really does SHOUT to the Lord! They sing and pray with such amazing passion. I was just in agreement with them as I had no idea what was being said. Church with the Haitians was a neat experience. The message was from Isaiah 61. It was all translated, so we could participate. Pastor talked about the Lord delivering us. He said even though we may have sickness, suffering, or hunger the Lord will deliver His people. If we acknowledge him in all our ways He WILL deliver us. This message was sent to the suffering people so they would know of this deliverance. After church every member wanted to greet us and shake our hands. I even pulled one elder lady in for a hug. God thought she needed a squeeze.

I was most affected by the burial sight and the story that comes with it. The bodies of those that died in the quake were put on trucks and dumped at a certain sight with no regard or respect right along with the rubble and debris.  The people of the loved ones that had perished were incensed that they were treated with such disregard. The outcry was so loud that they pulled the bodies back out and moved them to a mass grave site and had a proper burial. It has many crosses on the hillside and a huge boulder above the grounds. I took pictures and got on the bus. Then it hit me hard, I wondered if any of the translators had friends or family that died in the quake.  I asked Jacques, our bus driver, if he lost anyone in the earthquake. He told me of a young man that was a doctor and a friend. I apologized to him for just going out and taking photos. I felt like an intruder on sacred ground. I thought about my niece and how I would feel if her body would have been treated with such disregard. I told him that being here meant so much more to me than that (a tourist attraction).  I became very emotional because it was such a heavy feeling. I am glad that the people now have a monument and a place to grieve and remember.

– Dawn

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  1. Arnie Wegener 5 years ago

    Tommy, sounds like you are having an awesome experience! Praying for you and the rest. Church today was awesome. I think we are on the verge of an outbreak of new christians. Strong message with Tim. Worship time was great! God bless you, Arnie.

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